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Phishing Simulation

Sinara’s Phishing simulator replicates many of the real-world threats such as Spear Phishing, malicious Macros and Ransomware, with customizable campaign templates.Sinara’s dashboard provides insights to  simulation statistics, actions, and schedules.  

Security Awareness Training

Sinara recognizes the power of experience-driven, targeted and continuous training to affect behavior modification. You can use Sinara to measure the effectiveness of existing cyber security awareness training with pre/post attack simulations.

Cyber Intelligence

Sinara’s Cyber Intelligence Module automatically searches against leaked databases for possible sensitive data leakages, compromised access information, fraudulent domains, and implanted malware and it generates alarms if any leak is detected.

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Sinara Labs contains more than hundred scenarios to measure the security awareness of your employees.

About Sinara Labs

Sinara Labs is a cyber security awareness and defense platform that provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology in order to reduce breaches and data loss. Many institution assume technology is an adequate remedy to eliminate cyber threats, however people and processes are integral to a strong defensive posture. Therefore, Sinara Labs is special in the sense that it focuses three diverse phenomenon: people, processes and technology.

Sinara Labs aims to prepare different phishing test scenarios and increase security awareness of the company employees. It presents advanced reporting facilities to get detailed reports of end-users. The reports visualize the weak points and helps to identify the necessary education areas and audience.It also learns new age phishing scenarios and updates itself regularly. It enables  to check if Anti- spam, Antivirus, Content Filter, Firewall and APT defense tools if they work properly. According to the result of this tests, vulnerable systems and security gaps can be detected and rearranged properly.

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Why Choose Us?

Adopting a holistic perspective to perceive the entire organization, Sinara has the accurate balance of people, process and technology to put together valid and logical alternatives for security measures and rebalance automation.
With simulation logic, Sinara Labs tests the attack vectors targeting your institution through the e-mail service, and helps you to take the necessary action for your results. See more…
Does your employees aware what to do when they get a suspicious email? Are they heading to the helpdesk or IT specialist? Or do they directly delete this email? The Sinara suspicious email reporter and analysis service provides an easy and reliable solution to this situation. See more…

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Let’s register then try Sinara Labs free! Sinara Labs contains more than hundred scenarios to measure the security awareness of your employees.